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PrepJet and Me

For more than thirty years, I was the director for MFT exam preparation at the Association for Advanced Training in the Behavioral Sciences (AATBS). I wrote materials and taught workshops. I helped literally thousands of California MFTs to pass their exams, and I kept up with changes-- from the written and orals to the standard written and Clinical Vignette, and then the big change in 2016 to the Law and Ethics and California Clinical Exam. I’m proud of the work I did there. But now I’m even prouder of the work I’m doing for PrepJet. It’s a new company, small and flexible, and it can do things the big guys can’t or won’t. It’s also able to keep the costs much lower.

So why am I proud? First of all, PrepJet’s programs for both MFT exams are all online and extremely user-friendly, even for techno-luddites like me. No more big study volumes to plow through, highlighter in hand. No more studying theories or concepts that aren’t on the real exams (or haven’t been there for ages.) All the facts you need are organized and linked to the BBS’ own task and knowledge statements from their examination plan. You can move smoothly back and forth between practice questions and the content you need to answer those questions.

And wow, I’m really proud of the practice questions! They are truly representative of what you will see when sit down to take the real exam. Each question is anchored in the same task and knowledge statements that are used by the subject-matter experts who write the real exams. Plus, there’s a very detailed explanation of the strategy used to sort through the complex answer choices and arrive at the correct one.

That strategy piece is so important. Anyone who has taken a BBS exam will tell you it’s not about knowing facts, it’s about APPLYING those facts to complex and often unclear clinical situations. The explanations in the practice exams are full of strategies—not acronyms and rules—just examples of how to use your common sense and clinical judgment.

For those who want or need more, PrepJet will soon be offering my webinars, pre-recorded so you can listen when you want, but with plenty of opportunity for follow-up questions and discussion. Reach PrepJet at

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